Waste Disposal and Rubbish Removal in the Home

Everybody can be accused of being a hoarders, everyone has that room that stuff just gets chucked in and the door remains closed and its forgotten about until the next spring clean. What's more common nowadays, especially during these winter months is how much junk gets gathered in the garden. Unless you have a garden with heaters or maybe even an indoor area, you probably don't use it during the colder months. The flowers die, the trees go bare and it's so easy to just chuck rubbish into the garden and forget about it until next year.

The issue we have here is; it's remarkably astonishing just how quick rubbish can build up. 37 more days until Christmas, the bins aren't emptied as quick and ridiculous health and safety laws now state that bin men cannot take a bin that is overfull. Nor are they allowed to lift rubbish off the floor in case they hurt their backs. Gone are the days of a guy lifting a metal bin onto his shoulder and then actually chucking the rubbish into the truck!

So, it's Christmas day; You have children and they are now the proud owners of hundreds of new toys that they'll probably look at once and then banish it to a distant dark corner of their bedrooms never too be played with again. When I was a child, I swear I spent more time opening the toys instead of actually playing with them. Those annoying little white cable ties that not even scissors could cut could keep me amused for hours on end!

So all that packaging isn't going to fit in a standard sized bin. Some people might take it down there local rubbish tip, others will leave it to the weather to destroy it and then end up cleaning up the reminisce of a mushy Santa's face.