Subdivision in Broussard LA Fights for City Water Rights

Louisiana has been in the news a lot in recent years, first with Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, and more recently because of all the Mississippi flooding they've been forced to deal with. We've seen the pictures and heard the stories, but most of us can't conceive what it has been like living in these disaster areas. Another type of water crisis is occurring within one subdivision in Broussard, LA, which you've probably never even heard about, though. In this unannexed community water problems have become so dire that people can no longer continue to live the way they have been. Something needs to be done and soon.

Although this subdivision is completely surrounded by Broussard, it has not been annexed to the city. Although a lot of annexing has taken place in the past few years, the city has concentrated on commercial areas that will bring in revenue. That has left the people of the subdivision out in the cold, so to speak, when it comes to sharing the clean, fresh water available in the rest of the town. Instead, these residents are forced to watch the homes all around them receive clean city water while they remain on a system where the water is so grungy they are unable to use it for cooking, bathing, or laundry. Citizens exhibit sores and blisters caused by exposure to the liquid.

Residents have tried to find ways to live with the water problems. They have installed private water filtration systems, but the filters turn brown very quickly which means the price of operation is prohibitive. They have turned to drinking bottled water which means still another added expense. They say that they aren't even able to launder their own clothing using the water, because the clothes come out of the washer dirtier than when they were put in. In vain they have appealed to the city of Broussard to annex them so that they can hook up to the city water, but the city is not quick to go along with this idea.