Carpet Cleaning in Scottsdale Arizona

If you live in Scottsdale Arizona, you know what a great city this is. You may also know that this city has many affluent neighborhoods.

The abundance of nice homes with nice views of the surrounding mountains is just one of the reasons many people choose to reside in this great city.

Due to this fact, most of the residences of Scottsdale demand the absolute best in any company they hire for services, such as carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning in Scottsdale Arizona can be done year round due to the wonderful weather that we enjoy here. Yes I know it gets really hot in the summer months here, but we can still clean carpets and upholstery in the heat.

The winter time is the best time to clean though. Again, due to the hot weather, it is best to do this type of cleaning in the cooler months.

This is due to a little know fact that it actually takes longer for your carpets to dry in the summer time. I know, you're thinking WHAT? Its 115 degrees outside, how in the world would it take longer to dry?

When we do carpet cleaning in Scottsdale Arizona, we clean carpets with very hot water, somewhere between 200 to 220 deg Fahrenheit.

This hot water produces steam just like when you turn on the hot water in your bathroom and the mirror steams up. Many people call this type of carpet cleaning "steam cleaning"; when in fact it is really only hot water that is producing the steam.

This very hot water actually aides us in getting your carpets really clean, but more importantly, it kills the germs and bacteria that are present in your carpets and upholstery on contact.

Now, when we get done with cleaning your carpet and upholstery or ceramic tile, they are not only clean but they are healthy too.

They are free from the germs and bacteria that cause illnesses. But why does it take longer to dry? Let me see if I can answer that for you.

When we clean at these temperatures, and produce the steam I mentioned above, it also creates a lot of moisture in the air. This moist air will not dry carpets as efficiently as cool dry air will. So, what we advise our clients to do is to turn the air conditioner on for the duration of the drying time.

This cool dry air that the air conditioner produces will eventually remove the moisture from the indoor air and start drying you carpets.

Here are some highlights of this great city.

Ever since I can remember, Scottsdale Arizona has been called "The West's Most Western Town".

Scottsdale is a suburb of Phoenix Az. In 1993, the U.S. Conference of Mayors voted this city the "Most Livable City" in the U.S. Additionally, Scottsdale has been consistently rated as one of the best cities in the country to raise children, and to retire in, not to mention being voted the #1 resort community in America.

Now this city covers some 185 square miles in size. It's population is around 270,000 people and approximately 25% of these people are over the age of 60. Approximately 55% are between the ages of 25 and 59.

The median household income is about $58.000, and approximately 45% of the people living in Scottsdale have at least one college degree.